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recent project for slate roofing in abingdon

A Clean Slate for Abingdon!

The most popular and cost effective roof covering in the UK, slate and tile coverings for your house or business is a great choice, supplying an attractive appearance and working out a cheap and long-lasting choice for all conditions. Roofs that are slated or tiled for most homes will normally last for many years, protecting your home for generations . There is minimal maintenance required for slate roofing in Abingdon and you’ve got a choice of many colours / shades and styles for your slates and tiles. Tiled roofs provide strong protection from the elements making sure even the worst weather wont enter into your roof space.

Thames Valley Roofing and Painting Services have over 23 years experience repairing and installing slate roofing systems, so if you want a complete new roof or need some storm damage fixed or even just want some advice please contact us to schedule a cost-free quotation. Whether it’s the classic Welsh or Westmoorland slate, or even something a little bit more unusual like Brazilian and Chinese, we’ll leave a smile on your face with a job done properly.

We’ll get the job done

Here at Thames Valley we like to provide a quality, dependable service that’s safe, and professional. Our team of roofers are highly qualified and with our 25 years of training and service we can give any roof the remodel it needs. Whether the task be a small-scale repair or a new installation for slate roofing in Abingdon for a commercial agencies and domestic ones too. You can relax knowing that you’ve picked the best slate roofers in Abingdon.

Why Slate Roofing?

Slate is often used for the traditional covering of roofs because of its dependability, natural availableness and shape. It has been used for hundreds of years and is a product countless roofers are comfortable dealing with, primarily because the product is estimated to last around 100 years. Our slate roofers in Abingdon have the expert skills to complete the most complex projects for slate roofing in Abingdon.

Our specialist slate roofing services includes:

1) Full & Thorough Site Survey
2) Full Preparation works
3) Qualified Installation of Slate roofing in Abingdon
4) Slate colour matching
5) Slate Roof Repairs & Maintenance
6) Wide choice of Natural and Man-made Slates

Pros and cons of slate roofing can be found here.


The best things in life are FREE

Keeping your roof maintained will ensure it lasts longer, therefore it makes sense to have your roof examined at regular intervals. We offer a 1st inspection service that will highlight any roofing matters before they can become an issue. It is vital that your roof repairs are carried out as quickly as possible and to the highest quality to protect yourself from the possibility of significantly more costly work being needed.

Get in touch with us now for a no cost survey for slate roofing in Abingdon, you’ll get yourself a superb quote before you know it. We’re pretty easy to find. If you live in Abingdon and you require a professional secure, and expert business who can offer a great quote, then look no further.