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Whether you are a homeowner or require a repair or replacement to your business premises, with Thames Valley roofers you are guaranteed the highest standards in service and workmanship on every project. Learn more about us or contact our trusted team today.

Flat Roofing in Abingdon

We offer various systems of flat roofing which our workforce have complete confidence in. These are modern-day techniques and materials which are proven to provide our customers with a sound investment. Our work is trusted, comes fully guaranteed and also improves the modern aesthetic of any property.

Roof Repairs in Abingdon

Remove your fears over leaky roofs, damages, and general repair by contacting our roofer in Abingdon for your free quotation. If patch repairs are consistently necessary, it could be time for your roof to be re-covered. It’s difficult for a novice to gauge whether a new roof is necessary. If you want advice about the soundness or safety of your roof, contact Thames Valley Roofing and Painting Services for our qualified opinion or for a survey.

Slate Roofing in Abingdon

Natural slate roofing can be a significant component in a building’s whole life costs, which is important since environmental issues are moving to the forefront in all areas of construction. A natural slate roof will last the lifetime of the building, if set correctly. The other big plus to natural slate is that it’s sustainable, and can be salvaged and re-used.


Felt Roofing in Abingdon

Our skilled Abingdon roofers are able to replace or repair your felt roof quickly and efficiently, where ever you are in Kent. You’ll find that each job we complete is cost-effective and we only use premium quality products to market standards.

Fibreglass Roofing in Abingdon

Fibreglass roofing is totally water-tight and gives a very effective, hard-wearing protective coverins, ideal for both sizeable commercial properties to smaller domestic ones. Whatever your needs, our specialist team of rooders provide the skills and working experience necessary to guide you on the most suited roofing method.